Twice a year, all Grace Church members are invited to participate in a Foyer Group. Foyer Groups consist of small groups of adults who meet in one another’s homes for a meal and fellowship over the course of approximately six months. Not only is participation in Foyers fun, but it also facilitates deeper relationships among Grace Church members. Newcomers are especially encouraged to sign up!

When you come to a new church, it's a bit of a mystery. Is it alright to park here? Am I sitting in someone else's pew? Is that coffee saved for a special group? Navigating through new space requires careful regard for those who have come before all the while looking for an opportunity to belong.

Foyers provides an opportunity wrapped in hospitality to get to know other people as they really are. Sure, you go to the same church, but when you sit down around the table and talk about your families, careers, and adventures, you glimpse the essence of a person that's not available through a quick greeting at church. Jesus knew this - that breaking bread in someone's home, on a mountaintop or a seaside picnic brings people closer together.

Have you been at Grace for a while? Then sign up for Foyers and encourage new faces. Just started coming? Then get acquainted with those who know and love the church. What's in it for you? Good food, an evening out, and the chance to meet your new best friend.

Sue Bowron

Foyers groups are forming now! Sign up online or at the information station no later than Sunday, August 20. 

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