Youth Formation

We are anticipating a very rich year together in Youth Ministries at Grace! Dr. Park and Fr. Stuart have worked with a dynamic team of adults to focus on both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening opportunities for Christian education and fellowship.


Sunday morning classes will feature a rotation through key components, including a basic Christian education piece using the book My Faith, My Life; a coffee-house-style conversation called Holy Grounds that will explore key aspects of our tradition and build communication skills; and a “Master Class” component that will invite elders from the parish to share their experiences of faith and life, fostering greater awareness and connection between all generations; and an ever-present focus on the relationships within the community.

Wednesday Evenings 

Wednesday evening opportunities (scheduled, roughly, every other week) will focus solely on games and relationship building opportunities. Fr. Stuart is giving the youth a budget they can use to explore games, etc. (and build budgeting skills in the process).


A key piece of this year’s opportunities is a parish-wide pilgrimage to London and Oxford, tentatively scheduled for June 22 - 30, 2018. This trip, A Glimpse of Anglicanism, will bring together many generations for a week-long exploration of key sites in both London and Oxford. The youth are invited to help lead the pilgrimage itself, focusing on a particular area throughout the year and then teaching that area to the rest of the pilgrims. High school students are invited to go, with chaperones provided, and middle school students can go with one or more parents. Key fundraiser opportunities will seek to offset 50% of the cost for high school students with the remainder of the raised funds dispersed among all participants—hence encouraging more to attend. More details are forthcoming.


Youth in grades 6-8 are invited to join Choristers. Older youth can join the Parish Choir.
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Acolytes & Worship

Acolytes assist the clergy and other worship leaders with our worship services on Sundays and at other times. This is an excellent way for youth to take a visible and meaningful role in each week’s worship. All youth in grades six through twelve are invited to serve. Initial and ongoing training is provided. Contact the parish office to express interest in serving as an acolyte.

Youth of all ages can serve as Lay Lectors, Intercessors, and, if 16 and confirmed, Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Please contact the office if you are interested in learning more about leading worship in this way.

Youth often have time to worship as a group. We are looking for singers and musicians, and anyone interested in leading or planning worship with other youth.

Other Opportunities for Youth

There are many opportunities for youth to be involved at Grace Church throughout the year. Formation classes (see above) meet on Sundays but also have social gatherings as a small group as well as whole-youth outings and get-togethers. Youth will explore the ways they are connected to community at Grace, in Gainesville, in the diocese, and to the larger church and world. We will also connect to the Diocese of Atlanta and the expanding youth programs that our church offers to all parishes.