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A Future of Grace: Living as a Community of Prayer, Compassion, and Belonging

I wanted to send a special email out to the entire parish, inviting everyone to attend a special Forum this coming Sunday, September 16, at 9:30 AM in the Parish Hall. At that time, I will make a presentation about our Bicentennial Capital Campaign. The time has come! These are very exciting days for us as a community, and I hope everyone can attend. Here is a short video I made to introduce it.

I will have details to share with you, as well as opportunities for deeper reflection and prayer as we embark together on this deeply meaningful time together. I will also introduce the leadership teams for the campaign as well, and I will ask you for your support and prayers for these folks as they carry details for the entire community.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been your rector for almost five years. In that time, we have shared rich spaces of growth, prayer, compassion, and collaboration. You have made me a better priest (although I still have ample room to grow!). So, I hope to see you Sunday morning as we step into this next season of our life and shared ministry.

God bless you all!
Fr. Stuart

Walk in Love: A Special Edition of Episcopal 101

You are invited to share in a special class that serves both as an introductory, or “inquirers” class, as well as a class for anyone who wants to learn more about worship, prayer, and community within The Episcopal Church. The class is meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the Parish Hall. For those new to The Episcopal Church, you will have an opportunity to gain a greater proficiency with the language and life of the church. For those who may have been here a while, you will have an opportunity to go deeper. /p>

We will weave together two rich resources: the book Walk in Love and the Presiding Bishop’s invitation to cultivate a rule of life and practice of prayer called “The Way of Love.” Each week, we will explore a different section, so it is important to have a copy of your own—for future reference as well! 

Walk in Love will meet Sunday mornings from 9:30—10:30 AM in the Parish Hall.

The Seekers

The Seekers is an adult Sunday school class in which the members choose a topic, usually a video-based resource, to study for the semester or year. This fall the group will kick off the school year with Way of Life, a study program based on the book The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian.

Each Sunday we will base our discussion on a video that we watch together and reading selected Bible passages together. This program challenges participants to focus less on doctrine, more on new ways of reading scripture, and ultimately on love as manifested in the life of Jesus. This program will last 4-6 weeks.

Then we will turn to a video series selected by the class from Work of the People entitled Different But Not Divided. The structure of the class is always such that it is not essential to be present for all the sessions; participants are invited to come when they are able, and all are welcome!

The Seekers will meet Sunday mornings from 9:30—10:30 AM in the Conference Room of the Grace Center. 

Bible Study

Last year we began to study the New Testament scriptures in Chronological order. By reading the New Testament chronologically we get a glimpse into the lives of our forebears. We can see their struggles as they came to grips with their new life in Christ, how to live in community with one another and those who were not of "The Way", and how to spread the "Good News" and what does it mean to spread the good news. We get to see how their beliefs and theology change over time and how that struggle changes them. Sound familiar? We face these questions and struggles today and so this is a particularly relevant way to study our scriptures.

This year we continue our study beginning with the Gospel of John. What do you need? The New Testament and the book Evolution of the Word: The New Testament in the Order the Books Were Written by Marcus Borg.

The Bible Study will meet Sundays from 9:30—10:30 AM in room 210 of the children's wing.

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