Community of Hope International

“Everything happens for a reason.” “Just give me a call if there’s anything I can do.” “She’s in a better place now.” Ever heard one of these? Better still, ever FELT one of these? Try as we might to help each other through all of what life is, sometimes we fall short. St. Benedict reminds us that we are accountable to each other because we share common life. Further, we love one another in a real way when we share time together. Listening is a vital part of caring for each other and of hearing the divine whispers that lead us to a greater realization of ourselves and of God in our midst. These two points are a portion of what The Community of Hope tries to tap into in its lay chaplains.

These chaplains sign onto a 15 week training period filled with prayer, study, self-reflection, presentations, and practice. Following the training, they engage in a three month internship where they implement their skills. Using the monastic model of obedience, humility, and discipline, they carry out their individual calls in the world, while using each other as a firm foundation for accountability, prayer, formation, and debriefing. Being part of an intentional Benedictine community allows them to better “Listen with the ear of our heart,” as St. Benedict so wisely advises.

Though we are not monks or nuns, we commit ourselves to a vocation of pastoral care and ongoing spiritual formation. Our individual calls may look differently, but our intention is the same: to work for the reconciliation of the world by serving with compassion and love.

Grace Church parishioners have taken sacred vows before God and the congregation to a commitment to pastoral care, spiritual growth, and prayer with the Benedictine community of The Community of Hope, International. Please continue to pray for their ministry to each other, to you, and to the broader community.

Ministry of Presence: Holy Listening and Prayer

Beginning Sunday September 9, 2018, Community of Hope, International chaplains will be present in the Chapel during the Christian Formation hour (9:30-10:30 AM) to meet with individuals for prayer. This time is available for individuals who may choose to come on a regular basis or one time. It will also be a space held intentionally for prayer so that even if you don’t need to talk to another person but just want a space for quiet prayer, this time and space will be available.

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